Staff Member: Eddie Trevino

Eddie Trevino

Parish Life & Youth Ministry
Phone: 518-477-7925
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In 2010 Eddie and his wife, Kirsten, were received into the Catholic faith. A former ordained Deacon in another Christian tradition, Eddie’s journey home to the Catholic Church came through reading the Bible, the writings of the early church fathers, and the study of the Church’s Sacraments. Eddie states that “Holy Scripture should be one of the most important aspects in one’s faith. The Bible is not just a book, but a library of history, poetry, letters, and gospels. When one reads the books of the Bible they should be read as a whole in order the understand the fullness of their message.” Eddie also states that, “The liturgy and sacraments of the Church are also central to the faith. All of the sacraments have their origins in scripture and have been passed down by the tradition of the Church for two thousand years”. Eddie’s favorite aspect of working for the Church is getting to know people and working together with them to bring others to Christ and his Church.

Eddie believes it is important to teach not only what the Church believes and does, but why. Eddie resides in the East Greenbush area with his wife, Kirsten, and their two hilarious basset hounds, Tank and Ella.

Photo of Eddie Trevino